February 13, 2019

Have you ever experienced a new dish or meal at a restaurant and can't forget about it? A few years ago I ate at an Indo-Chinese restaurant. It was the first time I've had Indian - Chinese fusion. I love Indian and Chinese...but I'd never expeienced them together. The...

This nourish bowl is inspired by traditional elements in Indian cuisine - spicy meat, cool & crunchy veggies, and a creamy "yogurt" based sauce.

This weekend flew by for me and I'm trying to wind down and enjoy the last bits of it this evening. It was a busy one! I celebrated my cousin's Bar Mitzvah, worked on some recipe development + blog posts and met my girlfriends for brunch this morning. Despite the busin...

This article was originally published through WELLSEEK.

From lattes to curries, turmeric is making a name for itself in today’s culinary creations. But turmeric has a rich history rooted in the Vedic culture in India dating back nearly 4,000 years! Its use has both reli...

In honor of  today, Global Pulse Day, I'm chatting about one of the hottest (and most nutritious) food trends: Pulses! 

First of all you might be wondering, "what's a pulse"? You are probably more familiar with pulses than you think! Pulses are a type of crop...

Butternut squash soup tends to be a classic cold weather soup. It purees beautifully into soup and pairs well with many flavors. This winter vegetable is shaped like a large pear, has cream-colored skin, deep orange-colored flesh and a sweet flavor. Butternut squash is...

I’m looking out my window as I write this blog post. It’s pretty ugly out there. We finally got some typical Chicago winter weather today with high winds, freezing rain and cold temperatures. Whenever the weather is cold and wet, I automatically crave warming spicy foo...

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