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"I met Jessica when I joined her cooking classes. I wanted to take control of my overall health, and I was very much interested in losing weight too. In the beginning, I was intimidated by the challenge of eliminating foods. Jessica always seemed to ease me into this challenge by introducing me to new ingredients I could use as substitutes. Jessica kept me engaged for 3 years! Every time I worked with her, she would come up with something new! Recipes never got boring because she always managed to create delicious food. I was really impressed with her commitment and dedication in helping me reach my goals.  She was innovative in creating dishes that were not only nutrient dense, but that respected my values, ethnic background, and dietary needs. My health improved greatly from working with Jessica, and now I cook almost every day and take pride in the food choices I make. Jessica has taught me how to utilize food in creating nutrient dense dishes for long term sustainable goals. 

Michelle F.


"I enjoyed the food preparations Jessica cooked for my family for nearly two years. She created simple, homey and more elaborated dishes with both common and unusual ingredients to accommodate food intolerances such as diary and gluten. She often re-invented recipes on the spot when we happened to forget ingredients she had asked for. Her adaptability, openness to feedback, and honesty to speak her mind, make her a very pleasant professional to work with. I recommend her for simplifying your life or learn about new food options.

"Working with Jessica changed my life. She sparked my transition to a plant-based diet by teaching me the fundamentals of food and how it affects our bodies. Jessica showed me how delicious and easy plant based meals can be and always encouraged me to move at my own pace and start by making small changes that suited my lifestyle. She showed me how to continue to enjoy the foods I love through ingredient modifications and even introduced me to some new foods! I am so grateful to Jessica for her knowledge, great attitude and positive influence that she has had on my life.

Liz G.


Laura Z.


"Through Jessica, I’ve learned that all vegetables are delicious, that all recipes can be tailored to support eating a more plant-based diet. Jessica’s creations are delectable, and her non-dogmatic delivery of a healthy lifestyle and its value makes it easy to hear and incorporate in one’s life. Jessica authentically lives what she professes, not only advocating for clean eating of real food, but clean living. I am grateful for all that I’ve learned from Jessica; her recipes are my mainstay and I’ve shared these with family and friends who are very surprised that food can taste good and be good for you. Thank you, Jessica, for modeling and teaching a lifestyle our society desperately needs!

Anne T.


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