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Kitch Basics: Cut a Bell Pepper

During my time teaching cooking classes at Whole Foods I found my classes needed to learn the most basic fundamental of cooking...knife skills. Knife skills are absolutely critical for saving time and energy in the kitchen. I transitioned to teaching more hands on classes and saw a huge benefit of teaching the proper way to use a knife. Now, I'm no Chef, but I've been time watching and learning from numerous chefs to understand basic of knife skills. I've been practicing and learning since I was a kid, and my knife skills have gotten better and better.

Which brings me to my post today. I want to demonstrate here the blog simple knife techniques with all sorts of different fruits and veggies. My hope is you'll have the ability to learn some tips and tricks to make cooking more enjoyable and more efficient. Up first, to cut a bell pepper.

You'll find step by step photos with an explanation of each step. Remember, it's important to have a a good quality sharp knife. A sharp knife is essential for making your life easier in the kithen!

How to Cut a Bell Pepper:

1. Cut off the top and bottom of the bell pepper.

2. Stand it upright and using the tip of the knife, make a slit down the pepper.

3. Roll the pepper open with your hands.

4. Use your hands to pull out the seeds and veins (discard).

5. Using a rocking motion, slice bell pepper into strips.

6. If you want a dice, pile up the strips in the opposite direction and run your knife through again.

7. Don't forget about the top and bottom of the pepper. Repeat the same steps as above!

So, now you've got it! There are so many variations out there on how to cut and chop, but for this particular post today, I've personally found it easy to cut up a bell pepper this way. Be on the look out for more posts on Kitch Basics for tips and tricks on how to make your time spent in the kitchen is well spent!


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