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What Does it Mean to Be "Well Fed?"

well fed


1. having good meals regularly.

Why is it when we think of improving our health, losing weight or changing our nutrition, we tend to view food in a negative way? Food has become something that we fear, loath, and that controls our lives. It seems like this time of year I hear the constant chatter of negative talk about food and our relationship with it. We are searching for the "right" diet, the "best" weight loss shake and eliminating all the "bad" foods.

We tell ourselves:

“I won’t be able to eat…”

“I’m going to miss my favorite food…”

“I need to eat less…”

“I need to give up…”

“I could never eat...”

Instead what if we re-framed the way we think about food? What if we remembered that food at its most basic level is meant to give our bodies all the nourishment to keep us healthy, happy, and function to do the most basic tasks in daily life?

As I kick off my private practice I want to chat about what being Well Fed means to me. I chose my business name with a great deal of intention. I want to communicate a positive message about the relationship between nutrition, food, and health and help others establish a nourishing relationship with food. Maybe, just maybe, if we embrace these five principals of being "well fed" the body will begin to balance naturally and we will be able to achieve our greatest health goals.

5 Principals of Well Fed Nutrition ​​

1. Food is meant to be enjoyed

2. Food is meant to be delicious

3. Food is meant to nourish from the inside out

4. Food is meant to be eaten together

5. Food is meant to be appreciated

Today I challenge you to think about the way you view food and your relationship with it. I'm excited to be a part of your health journey and hope you stick around the blog to search for recipes, kitchen tips and tools to help you find your own well fed version of balanced well-being.

In good health,


About the Blog

Welcome to the Well Fed Nutrition Blog. I'm Jessica, a dietitian nutritionist sharing recipes, kitchen tips and advice for life well-fed. 

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