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Bengal Spice Tea Latte (dairy-free, vegan)

This weekend flew by for me and I'm trying to wind down and enjoy the last bits of it this evening. It was a busy one! I celebrated my cousin's Bar Mitzvah, worked on some recipe development + blog posts and met my girlfriends for brunch this morning. Despite the business I wanted to quickly pop in to share a recipe I've been loving lately.

Busy weekends always call for a little relaxation on Sunday evening before the week starts. My favorite wind down ritual is putting on our essential oil diffuser and sipping tea. I don't drink coffee (I'm super sensitive to caffeine), so I've become an avid tea drinker instead. My go-to daily tea of choice is Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice flavor. I keep at least a few boxes in the pantry at all times - I hate to run out of it! It's great for anyone needing (or wanting) to avoid caffeine since it's caffeine-free. The tea is brimming with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves - it's perfectly spicy with a hint of sweetness. It's the most flavorful chai style tea I've ever tasted.

But, I've taken it a little further and created a this recipe I've been loving for the last few weeks. Instead of steeping the tea in water I prepare it as a latte. The tea is simmered with coconut milk, almond milk, honey, cinnamon & turmeric, and then whirled in the blender into a frothy latte. All the flavors meld into a rich, spicy, sweet and comforting beverage. Cheers to tea lattes and a relaxing Sunday!

Bengal Spice Tea Latte

Serves: 1

Active Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes


1 teaspoon honey

1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk

1/4 cup full fat coconut milk (canned)

1/8 teaspoon turmeric

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon


1. In a small sauce pan combine all ingredients. Gently stir the ingredients together. Heat to medium low. Cover with a lid

2. Let the liquid come up to a simmer. If it starts to boil, turn down the heat. Simmer for 15 minutes.

3. Remove from heat and discard the tea bags. Carefully pour the tea into a blender. Blend for 30 seconds. Pour into a mug and sprinkle with cinnamon and turmeric. Sip immediately.

Did you make this Bengal Spice Tea Latte? Tell me in the comments or tag me in your photo @wellfednutrition!


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